Are you ready to take your next school dance to a new level?

If you are, then you need to talk to FJR ENTERTAINMENT about all that we can do for your school and its dances. FJR ENTERTAINMENT  has been serving schools for the last 25 years and would like to work with your school on its dances!

As you probably know there are DJ services out there that will charge as little as $200 for DJing your school dance and many schools have students entertain at a cost of nothing to next to nothing.

But what does that do for your school?
...More like what does it not do?

There is a difference in mobile DJs out there?.. By not working with a professional mobile DJ service like FJR ENTERTAINMENT you don't have the dependability of a true professional, the sound and light show that goes with it, and the professional DJ/MC skills that can bring out the school spirit at your dances. Additionally when students have fun at the dances they come back for more and the word spreads around your school that the dances are the place to be on Friday and Saturday night!

Our music library is available to be viewed on-line, and you can even make requests in advance of your event. We will set up a special web link for you to send out to students to make requests in advance. You will have access to this list as students make requests, and we can sit down and go over the list, removing any song that are deemed inappropriate for your students. Many schools have different rules on what music is allowed and not allowed. We will work with you in advance to ensure the music we play is appropriate for your school. Additionally, all of our music contains clean edits. We do not play anything that you would not hear on the radio.

All of our pricing includes set-up and tear down. Our DJs are willing to take time to talk with the planning committee ahead of time to help co-ordinate the events of the evening. This too is no additional cost to you. We offer this because the success of your event reflects directly on us.